Sacred Priestess Journey I - Ascension Light Track


In a broader sense, this Sacred Journey is about ascension, because that is what most of us are here for. This includes, among other things, the light body process, but especially for us women, it also aims to support us in stepping into our own power. To recognize and live ourselves as the very special, non-copyable expression of the Divine Feminine.

Who am I and why am I here?
What is my task in this spectacular scenario of the Great Awakening?
And where exactly am I supposed to be in order to fulfill this task? Am I even in the right place for this?

If you read my blog, you may remember that already in June the hints were given that we will all be "brought into position" towards the end of the year. Some have already found this new position (which can also be an old one), but many are not quite there yet. There is confusion and much ambiguity, and the real challenge is to remain stable enough within ourselves during this crazy time to find our own path of light and, what sometimes seems even more difficult, to keep steady at it.

So in the first Sacred Priestess Journey, we face all these questions ... and much more.

We enter a sacred space together for three months and look for the answers and solutions within ourselves through inner reflection - no longer in the outside. We journey together on the inner plane, connecting with our Higher Self, because our soul already has the answers we are looking for. We bridge the gap between inside & outside, spiritual level and matter, to create clarity where before there was haze and to formulate intentions where before there was confusion.

Among the many tools we will use, we will also work with the "New Earth Compass." The compass can be a valuable help for us when it comes to making decisions and considering the respective next step.

Those who know me and my work know that I rarely have a concrete plan and that my real strength lies in reasponding to the needs of the moment and channeling what is desired and required at any given time. So, not much is solid at this point, but I can share a few things I believe we will employ:

Over the three months, we will be highlighting a specific topic each month. Roughly, it looks like in October we will start with the question, "Who or what am I?" To do this, for example, we will go on a Sacred Journey, in which we will visit our inner place of power, set up a healing temple, and let ourselves be shown who or what we truly are.

In those three months there will be:

  •     Zoom meetings on the topic with concluding frequency-assisted meditation.
  •     Sacred Journeys - guided journeys in light hypnosis, either live with the group (via Zoom) or as a recording
  •     Frequency-assisted meditations, as needed
  •     Support in how to use the Healy for your self-empowerment (if you have one - if not, do it in the form of a spoken affirmation)
  •     Instructions of various kinds, e.g. for protection, energizing, etc.
  •     raising our energy - raising our energy - raising our energy
  •     Light body work
  •     Channelings from the Sophia Collective
  •     Exchange and mutual support in a private group either on Telegram or MeWe or Gap Social.
  •     Homework!

You have the opportunity during these three months to completely dive within and search deep within yourself for your own light path, or you can take it a little easier. The potential for both ways is there, it is up to you how much intensity and consistency you can or want to bring up.

The sacred space in which we meet is completely focused on the present and even more so on the future, that is, on Ascension. And two things we will definitely not do: 1. digging in the past, and 2. complaining about what is.

Because there is only one way to go: Onward and upward.

The goal is to purposefully push our vibration upwards, without doing this artificially, but by nourishing our inner being and using all tools in such a way that our soul has no other choice than to descend into our light body as soon as possible.


I view this Sacred Priestess Journey as my Sisterhood, so to speak, in this respect you enjoy further benefits during the time of your participation in a Soul Journey. On all Zoomies that I will offer during this time, there will be a 50% discount for all participants. Also a 25% discount on all personal sessions with me.

It is very possible that I will offer an accompanying Sacred Journey through the Raunächte (24.12.21 - 06.01.22) as in previous years, should this take place you will receive a corresponding discount on it.


My contribution
I guide all the things I described above and bring all the tools and all my mediumship to support the group in the best possible way. I try to be present as constantly as possible, however, I may have to step away for a few days now and then if I feel it is necessary.

Your contribution
If you decide to join the Soul Journey I, you agree before your soul to journey with me and the other participants for three months. Your financial contribution is due ahead of each month's journey, by the 1st of the month. It is 111 Euros for those who can afford it. If you are Hartz IV, unemployed or financially limited for any other reason, then please choose a contribution between 55 and 111 Euros that suits you, don't make many words about it and just transfer this amount. If you can easily afford it, and if you are unbelievably happy and grateful after four weeks of traveling together, I am also happy to receive a larger contribution.

I am starting a German Priestess Journey on October 6 on New Moon. Should enough ENG speaking women express interest in this offer, we would likely start around Full Moon on October 20 or on New Moon on November 04.

If you are interested in this offer, please send me a message using the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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