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The soul, who brought you here, is an affiliate with The ROOT Brands and part of my wonderful team of heart-centered people whose mission is to make this world a better place by helping others be the best they can be. Because ROOT as a company is growing so fast and there is such an abundance of information out there that can be quite overwhelming, we have gathered what we find to be the most comprehensive visual and written material for you. This way, you receive a quick yet profound overview of the company, its mission and its amazing, life-changing products.

If after watching and reading here, you are interested in trying the products or you have more questions, please contact the person who referred you to this page. That person can also help you decide which products might be most suitable for you at this point.

ROOT offers weekly calls on a variety of different health issues for customers and affiliates. Once a customer, you gain access to these calls with Dr. Rahm and Clayton Thomas.

We have groups on Telegram and Gab Social, where we keep our customers informed and support our them with answers to their questions. If you are interested, we happily welcome you into our groups!

Now, meet the ROOT nutraceuticals. enJOY!



short videos

Clayton Thomas, founder of ROOT, on CLEAN SLATE - the key supplement we all need. Here is why.

ZERO-IN helps us in many different ways and deliveres energy to the body for the detox and healing process.

Then there is RESTORE, which together with Clean Slate and ZeroIn forms the TRINITY.

Quick review of why TRINITY is important.

longer videos - science & facts

Benefits of ZERO-IN with Dr. Dori Naerbo & Clayton Thomas

interviews with Dr. Christina Rahm & Clayton Thomas

Clayton Thomas on the challenges of this time and how the ROOT products help protect us

further material

Initial assessment for customers
ENG Initial Assessment ROOT4You .pdf
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The Root Brands Overview English Present
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Dr. Rahm's book explains it all ...

Background info on heavy metal detox!

non YT videos


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