Welcome, Wayfarer!

To many it might simply seem like a wild time on this planet, but it is in fact the Great Shift that has been foreseen for long. It goes hand in hand with the ascension of the planet to 5th density, which has commenced on March 12–13, 2021. More and more people will now wake up from the matrix and ask themselves questions like "who or what am I?" and "why am I here?"  Suddenly, they inquire about the deeper sense of life or their purpose for being here, and they experience an increased longing for meaning, depth and a loving connection to Life itself. These are the people I am here to serve.


A starseed from Sirius, I'm a Divine Feminine Mystic and an earthly voice for The Sophia Collective and am probably best described as a New Earth Guide.


I'm also a certified BQH and Level 2 QHHT practitioner, as well as certified in Spirit Releasement Therapy and Quantum Touch. I work shamanically & energetically, and I lead my clients on inner journeys, which I call Sacred Journeys, to help them connect with their highest Truth and support them in their Ascension experience.


In this Multiverse, there is only Love - and resistance to it.


I realized the above statement as Truth in late 2019. Since then it has become the guiding principle of my work, as our resistance bears the greatest potential for our liberation. Be prepared that entering the space I hold will not allow for any spiritual bypassing, but if you are open and receptive, your harvest can be bountiful.


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