Sacred Birthing Journey


The Sacred Birthing Journey (SBJ) was introduced to me by my guides in the spring of 2020 during a QHHT session with a dear friend. Since then, many of my clients have experienced it as part of a Mentoring or a BQH session.


The main focus of a SBJ is the preparation of one's soul structure and support of one's energy bodies in the ascension process. Much like in shamanic journeying, you are taken to the inner planes to visit an initiation chamber located in the Halls of Amenti where this powerful event takes place. Here, your energy bodies are cleansed and your spiritual structure purified to receive new / additional soul fragments by and of your own Oversoul structure. Quite often, the client's personal spirit guides appear as well, and sometimes the client also receives soul fragments by either their guides, ancestors or other sentient beings with the purpose to stabilize the frequency of their light body on a higher level.


This deeply sacred process is overseen by the ascended masters Thoth and Serapis Bey.

Since the LightBodyProcess (LBP) is moving more and more to the forefront of our attention, I have recently been seizing the opportunty this process allows to inquire with the masters about the LBP of the respective client. In each case, the information acquired was quite helpful for the client and also for me, as I'm still expanding my knowledge base of the LBP daily.

I must admit that it's difficult for me to explain what happens in these sessions, as they are always different and greatly vary from client to client. Oftentimes, I start with a client in a Mentoring that is meant to be consciousness raising and next thing we know, I get the info "go to the chamber" and off we go on a camel ride!


The one thing that is steady and always the same in these sessions is that tears flow freely, because what happens is so profoundly touching for the client and myself that we leave the initiation chamber with wide open hearts and minds, feeling changed forever.


A SBJ is ideal for you if you feel you need energetic support on your journey, along with a healing and release of anything that no longer serves you. Probably the most efficent way to experience a SBJ is to weave it into a BQH session where, in addition to the SBJ, you can directly connect with your Higher Self and receive answers to all burning questions you have. In either case, it will be my great honor to take you to the initation chamber!