the Initiation Chamber


 The "Initiation Chamber" was shown to me for the first time in 2019 in hypnosis, after I had visited an incarnation in Babylon. It took me quite a while to understand the meaning and purpose of this place on the inner planes and to learn how to work with it appropriately.

At first, I understood the chamber to be merely a space I entered to contact my guides, the ascended master Serapis Bey and Master Thoth. But soon clients ended up in the chamber whenever I wanted to take them on a journey into their own inner being. They would close their eyes, breathe, and when I asked, "what do you see" quite often they said, "I am lying on some kind of alter and there is someone standing next to me."

Since these beginnings a lot has happened, and it is admittedly difficult for me to put this into words, because it requires that I find a concept for it - and exactly this is almost impossible for me, because I have not heard or seen anything like this anywhere else yet.

Let me put it this way: The initiation chamber is the sacred space I hold on the inner planes in which I work. I enter it myself and together with clients very consciously, with much reverence and in a ritual way. In the chamber itself, I am always shown exactly what is important in it for the person who is currently occupying it. I can now describe the content of a session by saying: the energy bodies are cleansed, the light body is activated, implants are removed, soul fragments are exchanged, old contracts, connections, etc. are processed, often spirit guides or ascended masters show themselves, and much more. But actually the chamber is much more.

Each session is like an independent adventure journey into the great unknown for the clients and also for me, because I usually have no plan beforehand of what will or should happen there. I never know before entering the chamber what awaits us there and trust completely in the guidance of our souls and spirit guides. And almost unfailingly, tears of redemption, healing and gratitude flow on all sides after each session. Basically, everyone who enters the chamber experiences a permanent frequency increase and it often takes some time to integrate it. That most also receive a Grail Code transmission leading to the opening of the heart center is almost self-evident.

Basically, the Chamber represents the frequency range that I am able to hold and work within, and most who work with me realize over time that one enters this range quite automatically when in contact with me. Personally, I am very fond of the concept or image of the chamber, and I am grateful that my spirit guides and soul allow me to do so, because in this way the ego has less to cling to. So I am completely free and unconcerned when I enter the chamber with the attitude that it is something outside of me, and I can be completely open to the adventure journey that awaits us there.

By the way, not every client in the chamber has visual perceptions. While the chamber presents itself to everyone the way they want to perceive it, it is not always the same. Some see a lot, some smell, taste or feel. But one thing is always the same - everyone feels better afterwards, uplifted and empowered and deeply touched in the knowledge that something important has happened. And that is all that matters!

I call the sessions in the Initiation Chamber Sacred Ascension Journeys. Another way to enter the chamber is to book one of my 3-day journeys. You can find the current offer for this in my store.