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  date / location upon request

 a sound-supported vision quest into the future in cooperation with Uta Minzberg from Alpha-Theta-Coaching


Do you feel change is coming for you?  Do you long for something new?  Do you feel at a crossroads in your life? You have just nodded heavily, but you still have no idea what the new thing might look like or even how to bring it into your consciousness?


This workshop is meant to serve as an initial spark for those who are feeling at a crossroads... who are longing for change and do not yet know exactly where the journey should go. The combination of sound-supported, guided inner journeys and breathing or energy exercises will connect you with your heart and prepare the ground for a deeper contact with your Higher Self, because our heart already knows all the answers and the soul already has the plan.


What should you bring along?

- the willingness to search for the answers to your questions not outside but inside

- the willingness to enter a sacred space with a group of like-minded people for a day and a half and to honour it as such

- the will to lay the foundation for an encounter with your true self

- Writing stuff to note down what you have experienced

- good mood and the courageous openness to encounter new things


What can you expect?

A one and a half day intensive workshop that connects you with your heart and leads you into the deeper layers of your being. He does this with the help of:


- breathing exercises

- Chakra Meditation

- Heart Healing Meditation

- Exercises to strengthen the energetic body

- Sounding and MantraSing

- guided inner journeys to remove blockades and release forces

- an exploratory journey into your future

- an energy transfer that supports you in integrating a new consciousness

- two powerful women who hold the space for your inner vision journey


Uta is a classically trained singer and vocal pedagogue, user of ThetaHealing®, the Silva method, Past Life Regression (regression therapy) according to Dr. Brian Weiss, aura surgery according to Gerhard Klügl, NLP and quantum healing. It is her heart's desire to enable new perspectives on the inner being through meditation, music and voice work. Sound and frequency are the vehicle for the journey to the self.

Soul Connect Energy Intensive: QHHT, Brainmapping & more

date / location upon request


∞ an extraordinary workshop in cooperation with Neurofeedback Therapist Ruth Kreider from BrainAwake


If you are longing to make a deeper and more permanent connection with your soul and gain clarity about your life path, this intimate weekend workshop might be just right for you.



- a personal QHHT session after Dolores Cannon

- individualized brain mapping and neurofeedback support to help you go deeper and improve your meditative experience and

   strengthen your connection wit the field

- individualized electro photonic imaging (EPI)



Brain mapping and EPI provide the framework for a QHHT session that establishes contact with the Higher Self. Measurements at the beginning and end of the workshop to show changes in the brain and energy system. There is also the possibility to take measurements during the QHHT session to document the depth of the trance or to deepen and strengthen your own meditative practice through individualized neurofeedback.


Participants are invited to bring a guided (or unguided) meditation of their choice during which they would like to be measured.


The number of participants is limited to 4! 


Ruth Kreider, BSN, BCIA-EEG, Neurofeedback Therapist

A highly experienced and sought-after expert in her field, Ruth has taught Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and Brain Mapping technologies throughout Europe and has developed particular expertise in the application of these skills to support higher states of consciousness.