15. October 2021
There's a prominent theme that has recently been dominating many of my sessions and unfortunately also a part of my personal life. The theme has to do with the masculine, and even though a few women asked me to write about it I have been quite hesitant to do so. I've said for a long time that men don't need women to tell them what to do. I always stood up for men and defended them when other women would tell me of their pain, hardship and disappointment with men in their life. I would tell...
16. September 2021
As early as August, we heard rumors from all sorts of sources that September would be a particularly intense and also important month. To be honest, I was skeptical. How many times have we heard since this shit show began that everything would turn around in the coming month? Too many times to still buy into it. At least for my taste. And since I'm always a bit cautious with predictions, I wanted to wait and see how the first week of the month would present itself before I say anything at all....
21. August 2021
We are in the final stages of the Great Shift on this planet, and some of us will soon be part of the first Ascension Wave. But that is just the start. Over the next few years, many, many of us will make the Ascension into the fifth dimension. Now what if we could accelerate this process? If we could do something to make such expansions of our consciousness easier ...
20. August 2021
If there is one thing I learned from my SufiTeacher over the years it is that things are never as they appear. What can be perceived on the surface is merely a projection of what is truly taking place, albeit hidden from our limited perceptions. Oftentimes what is occurring in the Unseen is exactly the opposite of what we see or believe to see in the outer, regardless of the nature of appearances.
07. August 2021
Over the past couple of months, I have repeatedly mentioned shedding and nano particles in my posts. At this point, I would like to share some more specific information from my own experience that hopefully serves to wake up a few more people from their slumber. When on March 30, I channeled the following information, it was news to me while it had been known in so-called "conspiracy circles" for some time. Conspiracy theories, as we now know, describe those sets of information that are...
07. August 2021
The Lion's Gate is just around the corner, and its energetic constellation seems even more powerful and magical than in previous years. In my perception, leading up to tomorrow, several themes emerged at once, and yet ... on closer inspection, it may actually be only one. However, one that shows itself in several facets on the outside. I feel almost comical repeating the same thing over and over again, but we cannot avoid it: this is the time when women may, indeed must, awaken their inner...
07. August 2021
Women and the Divine Feminine are targeted in many different ways right now. What does this have to do with nano particles and dark attacks?
20. July 2021
We currently call up memories from Atlantis, and while some of it is "real" much of it is matrix mindfuck. How do we know when what we think is our own stuff and not interference by our learned behavior or brain states, or the matrix itself? And what does it have to do with Sovereignty?
14. July 2021
It was quite some time ago when Serapis Bey told me that the time of transition on the planet would require a much greater awareness than ever before. I remember distinctly that when he said, "being attentive won't be enough. You will have to be alert. 24/7"
29. June 2021
Vaccinations causing harm and causing shedding, which in turn causes health problems in non-vaxxed people is a real thing. My own experience with it all, and some additional thoughts ... buckle up. It's looong.

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