20. July 2021
We currently call up memories from Atlantis, and while some of it is "real" much of it is matrix mindfuck. How do we know when what we think is our own stuff and not interference by our learned behavior or brain states, or the matrix itself? And what does it have to do with Sovereignty?
14. July 2021
It was quite some time ago when Serapis Bey told me that the time of transition on the planet would require a much greater awareness than ever before. I remember distinctly that when he said, "being attentive won't be enough. You will have to be alert. 24/7"
29. June 2021
Vaccinations causing harm and causing shedding, which in turn causes health problems in non-vaxxed people is a real thing. My own experience with it all, and some additional thoughts ... buckle up. It's looong.
17. June 2021
Ascension actually means descent, and in recent weeks I was graced to experience and witness several instances of soul descent. It's part of the ascension process that is closely linked to the LBP, yet it can be a bit disconcerting.
07. June 2021
On the path to finding our position in this grande ascension spectacle, we search not only for our final destination but also for our life purpose. So many things to "search for" ... as we journey toward ourselves, we must pass through this one place that can be scary as hell.
03. June 2021
Expecting a time of upheaval and chaos in the collective, Lighthouses and Starseeds will need to move into position to take up their predestined roles in the grand ascension spectacle. The Compass to the New Earth can help us navigate the path.
01. June 2021
Faced with distractions and interference, I revisit a channeling from March 30 and find that its message is more relevant now than back then even. And for the first time, I see the connection between what is taking place in the 3D and how it is geared toward suppressing something that plays a pivotal role in the Shift: The Divine Dark Feminine.
23. May 2021
To my knowledge the Great Shift has commenced, and the New Earth has entered the planet during this past weekend of Pentecost, which was the holiest and most sacred since the rise of Yeshua the becoming the Christ more than two thousand years ago. Fifth dimensional consciousness frequencies were brought down and firmly anchored onto the crystalline grid of the planet. It is now readily accessible to every soul incarnate walking this planet at this current time, which is the greatest and most...
23. May 2021
Coming in contact with people, who have had the vaccination has proven to have negative effects on many people, in particular lightworkers and starseeds. Here is my take on it and what we can do.
23. May 2021
Love is the greatest power in the universe, said my Sufi teacher. It has the power to heal and shift worlds. And perhaps much more. Have we managed to love the New Earth into life yet or are we still busy with resisting it?

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