about me

I earned certifications in several different modalities, ranging from quantum hypnosis to different healing techniques. But, truly, the true source of what makes my work with others powerful and transformative is my mediumship and my ability to hold space. Most of the skills and knowledge I apply to support others comes from remembrance. It bears a certain irony that I am a certified BQH and QHHT practitioner (both forms of past life regression that involve communication with one's Higher Self), yet all my own memories of "past lives"--except for one --have come to me naturally while performing ordinary daily tasks.


If I have to put a title to what I am, I'd say "a Divine Feminine mystic" comes closest along with being a New Earth Guide. I travel on the inner planes, which in modern terms means that work shamanically & energetically, and I lead my clients on  journeys, which I call Sacred Journeys, to help them connect with their highest Truth and support them in their Ascension experience.


In this Multiverse, there is only Love - and resistance to it.


I realized the above statement as Truth in late 2019. Since then it has become the guiding principle of my work, as our resistance bears the greatest potential for our liberation. Be prepared that entering the space I hold will not allow for any spiritual bypassing, but if you are open and receptive, the harvest can be bountiful...so God will.


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